January 22, 2010

my space in cyberspace

I thought this was interesting. Myspace was my first experience in “blogging.” The last comment on my page is dated October 17, 2007. It was long before that that I actually gave myspace any attention. Here is what I said about myself nearly 2 1/2 years ago. (yeah, i know - me, me, me)

About me:
I can be very outgoing yet can be extremely shy. I love to sing along with the radio or just sing randomly. Clouds are beautiful and absolutely amazing, I mean they are JUST water! Coffee makes my heart flutter, literally. Chocolate is the best medicine. I love meeting people and building relationships. I am beautiful and I love knowing that about myself! I am a sucker for butterflies in my stomach and stopping to smell the roses. I am loud and often explode with laughter! I am far from where I need to be in life but exactly where I belong......

Who I'd like to meet:
C.S. Lewis, Dr. Seuss, and my mom at my age.

Candace's Interests General:
God and His Word, teaching and learning, CLOUDS, the Village of Hope, finding life in the little things, the people around me, details, small-world occurances, that sense of accomplishment that comes with a good run, traveling alone - anywhere, discovering new places, finding something in the Bible that had been forgotten or never before found, smiling at strangers and having them smile back, doing a good job, crashing at the end of a full day, having a Saturday to sleep in.....

1. Not as much singing these days, I get too lost in my thoughts.
2. There’s not so much running…..honestly, almost none at all.
3. Switching to half-caff coffee alleviates heart palpitations.
4. Saturday mornings are for coffee on the couch, time with God, blogging, and cleaning in my pajamas. Not so much sleeping in.

The rest is pretty much the same. At least as far as this description goes. Life has changed a lot though.

Hmmm, I wonder what I will think when I read this post two years from now?

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