October 16, 2009

She’s got legs…

Does anyone else remember that old L’eggs panty hose jingle (in my title)? Okay, just checking to make sure I am still only a little crazy.

Whatever. Remember this?

I added some legs to my Craigslist ottoman/coffee table/storage bench doomaphlotchy (sound it out). Sexy, huh?

Yeah, not so much sexy. More like the cutest chubby baby legs you’ve ever seen. You know the baby legs that look like they have rubber bands on them. Chunky.

Okay, scratch all that. I’m calling her Eliza. As in Doolittle. Cause she has been transformed into a classy lady.

Do you think Professor Higgins ever had to use a staple gun and fabric glue?

Now she can no longer be a head rest for Darby. Or a bib, whichever way you choose to look at it. Cause classy ladies don’t let lazy dogs lay all over them, or drool all over them.


*This was the most randomy, jump around, ADHD post ever. Welcome to my world!

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October 14, 2009

Dear Daddy,

Today you would have been 54. I miss you! (And the biscuits, and cornbread, and the way you slurped your coffee)

I am glad you get to be with Mama and that neither of you are in pain any more. 

Candace as a Little Kid

Now, I have to go to the store to stock up on chicken breast (on sale for $1.87/lb) like you taught me to do. 

Little things
And I think I will read out of your Bible tonight instead of mine.  
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October 12, 2009

Update on the JOB

As of this moment, the job I thought I had is no more and I have another interview in tomorrow morning. Oh well, so goes life.

The position I did have was 3rd -5th grade Reading Coach in an urban school. The grades I prefer and the subject I am best at. Needless to say, I was excited.

Tomorrow's interview is for a very inner city school teaching Kindergarten. And to practice what we talked about in Bible class this Sunday (Phil 4), I will think on the good things. Here goes: My best friend used to teach Kindergarten and she will be my saving grace. I know this area because it is in the neighborhood where I student taught. People are praying for me. God has a plan.

Okay, so the negative list is a little longer.

God is in control. I do know that.

Week in Review

First things first – I GOT A JOB! woooooo-hooooooo!
Our Bible class cheered yesterday when I announced this. Jacob cheered longer than anyone. Ha! I celebrated that day with a trip to Chick-fil-A to get a kids meal and trade my toy for ice cream – my favorite!

I guess I was feeling all confident and stuff. So, I bought a storage bench on Craigslist and recover it while I watched Practical Magic. That movie is a fall staple for me. I need to add legs to bench so it can become a coffee table/ottoman. Here’s the before.

Then, we went to visit some friends in Arkansas. Fun times. Good food. (Oh, the food.) Sydney and Darby even had a friend to play with too. Why did I not get any pictures of the friends?

Then, we spent some good time with family to celebrate Jacob’s grandmother’s birthday. Here is one of two pictures I have of Jacob and his grandmother. That’s is our nephew’s foot – not grandma’s. Ha!

Speaking of nephews……they LOVE their uncle. I think he loves them too.


October 8, 2009

Running a Temperature

No, my body temp is not higher than 98.6 degrees, but I do have a mild case of baby fever. It is okay, Jacob is helping me by staying away and not spreading this smallish disease.

Anyways, when we do get to have children, I hope they dance like this kid. LOVE IT!

October 5, 2009

October 5th, 2009

Just a regular day, but here's what happened....

listened to message from an optional school principal who wanted to interview me for a kindergarten position......called her back immediately......the position had already been filled.....she had been interviewing all weekend......i asked when she called and left the message.....it was saturday while we were in the back woods of arkansas camping......i told her that......then i got off the phone and cried

i babysat two beautiful girls tonight that i had never met in person......their mother and i went to college.....she was in town to photograph a mutual friend's engagement......when she left she said my house was beautiful and adorable......i said her girls were beautiful and adorable

my husband just made me s'mores

thoughts i am taking to bed.....God has something planned and i am glad for the wake up call to keep my phone within range of a cell phone tower.......i would much rather have my kids complimented than my house.......jacob is the best

Raccoons, and Tears, and S’mores, oh my!

What good would this weather be without a little camping trip? Chilly and crisp at night and just warm enough in the day to enjoy yourself. Absolutely perfect weather for camping. Absolutely perfect weather. Period.

We had originally planned to go with some friends, but it did not work out for them. We packed the car with the camping gear we got as wedding presents and headed over to Arkansas to enjoy a weekend getaway, just the two of us. We got there around 4pm on Friday afternoon and were greeted by a slew of Pickin & Grinnin Seniors. We were not aware we had chosen the mobile retirement home park of the south. We had.

We got all settled in – cooked, played rummy, yadda, yadda – you know, the usual. Except, I forgot to put the food basket in the car at the end of the night. So, what happens when you are nestled back in the woods away from the pickers and grinners and you leave your food out? (See below)

Notice anything missing from my s’mores pack? Yeah, the chocolate! What kind of raccoons take just the chocolate? Seriously? They must not have known who they were messing with. Seriously.

Also missing but not pictured: bread (all but two pieces), wheat thins, and the best chips in the world.

Jacob and I took inventory, cooked breakfast and then decided to explore a little. This park had some decent trails that we wanted to get in before lunch. Hence, the tears.

Sometimes I feel so out of shape that I could cry, but the tears were not ours. We walked the longest preserved portion of the original Trail of Tears. It was amazing. We thoroughly enjoyed being surrounded by nature and checking out all of the cool little things the “woods” have to offer. Mostly this included mushrooms and spider webs. We are dorks. We do not care. We have fun being dorks together.

038 033

After our excursion in the woods, we drove down into town to replace what the raccoons had taken or left contaminated. Lunch was nothing special, but dinner, oh my goodness. Let me just tell you, if you have never had wings marinated for a full day and cooked over an open fire, or a burger with onion soup mix in it cooked over an open fire, then go do it. Both are SO good!

Then, then, came the s’mores. Also known as the best s’mores I have ever eaten. Not sure what did it for me, but they really were the absolute best ones I have ever had the pleasure of savoring.

We topped the weekend together off by making it to church just in time and then relaxing on this rainy Sunday. Have I mentioned I love our little life?
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