January 2, 2010

January junkin

Any given Saturday you can usually find us at estate sales, yard sales or an antique store. We just have fun looking at all the cool stuff and finding things we had as kids. I guess you could say that junkin’ is one of our hobbies. It’s fun for us.

Well, today we hit the jackpot of all jackpots. Okay, not really, but I am really excited about today’s find.

We went to an antique store close to our house and were looking for a pipe for him and a chandelier for her. No such luck, but we did find these so insanely large they moved up with my cheeks when I laughed awesome glasses. Cute, huh?

Our adventure then took us to the thrift store across the street in hopes that we could steal away ten more minutes out of the house. That’s when I saw it.

White. Dark legs. I knew those sleek and curvy lines from years of dreaming in catalogs .

Could it be?

I checked the tag. It just said “couch” and “$90.00.” I was on a mission now. I decided I needed to flip this couch over to hunt for a label. Then, my senses came to me and I simply lifted the middle, slipcoverless cushion to find……

Yep, she was. So, I grabbed the cushion with the “Couch $90.00” tag and started towards the front. But Jacob had noticed another tag. It said “Couch $79.98". I began sniffing the couch all over to make sure it had not been peed on. I was looking for rips (it has one small one). I was expecting to find broken springs or busted legs. No smells. One rip. No breaks. A little surface dirt. SOLD.

When we got to the front and handed the tag to the lady, she said “Oh, you’re not going to pay this much.” My heart sank. “What?” I happened to stammer out. “It’s not going to be this much” she said coolly. I (stupidly) asked, “Why?” Again, she said, “It’s not that much. I can mark it up if you want me to.” Jacob and I together, “NO!”

The top tag is the tag on the couch. The bottom is our receipt that shows what we paid tax and all. Steal? I think so.

We got the couch after a trip home to get Jacob’s truck. I ran the vacuum over it (a few times) and cleaned it with damp washcloth. It is now drying from a round of febreeze.

We have already picked out and bought a slipcover on eBay (only $149)! I am am one happy junker tonight.

If you want to see what we bought yesterday while junkin with jacob’s family, go here. It sold in less than 12 hours for more than twice what we paid for it! Woo-hoo!


  1. SHUT YO FACE!!! NO YOU DID'N!!! I'm coming back...we're going shopping! Make room for me the last weekend in January or first in Feb!

  2. That is AWESOME! Way to go!!!

  3. Ok, I am big enough to admit it... I am jealous. What a great find. I love to treasure (junk) hunt! Enjoy many years relaxing on your find!