January 30, 2010

he’s off

**** update: The plane landed safely in Haiti around 1:45pm central time.

jacob just left the house but is not in the air yet.

his friend, Gordon, came to pick him up so I wouldn’t have to drive the icy roads. (Gordon is the man who invited jacob to go to Belize last year. He is a deacon at Park Ave church of Christ and works at LeBonheur as a CRNA.)

i tried not to cry. then jacob pulled me in real close and tight and well…….you know how that goes.

our house is disgusting, so i have plenty to keep my mind from worrying. it smells like sausage and french toast too.

the team should be in Haiti by this afternoon.

thanks for reading and praying!

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  1. will you have a way to keep in touch with him while he's there?