November 22, 2010

don’t judge a cook….

today was our teacher’s thanksgiving celebration. we feasted potluck style. there was A LOT of good food. my contributions included squash casserole and a red velvet cake with peppermint cream cheese icing.

i was happy to see dressing prepared like my mom’s. it was delicious. i even had to correct one teacher who said, “oh, there’s stuffing.” we don’t eat stuffing here in the south, we eat dressing. there is a difference.

after that, one of the teacher’s assistants made the remark that i “don’t look like the type that can cook.” what is THAT supposed to mean? i don’t look like i can cook? i found her comment highly amusing and so asked her to explain. apparently, to her, i look like a prissy princess that has no skills in the kitchen. (my words, not hers) really? that’s even funnier.

i told her you can’t judge a cook by it’s cover.


and just to prove my point….here’s a picture jacob snapped yesterday when i was making the icing – big belly, double chin, cute apron and all. 

November 15, 2010


that pretty much sums up life as of lately. it’s been all good but busy! too busy to post about anyway or maybe i am just so braindead at the end of the busy day that i cannot muster the energy required to complete a thought.

yep, that sounds more like it.

maybe someday i will post on worthwhile, thought-provoking, or even slightly entertaining topics. here are a few that have been rolling around in my head….just cannot make a complete thought to get them out of that knot on my shoulders correctly.

- evangelism and service, not confusing one for the other and not neglecting either
- throwing together a nursery on a budget and craft tutorials
- curry pumpkin soup
- how i have been up to my eyeballs in pumpkins at school
- how blessed we are by our family and church family
- nesting could quite possibly be the best thing ever
- free/low cost classroom Christmas presents

just to name a few. maybe i will actually post about one of those soon. ha!

but in the mean time i will just leave you with this picture because i don’t like not having a picture.

more about me and baby. sorry.