August 20, 2011

city chickens

IMG 2418
Several months ago, Jacob found out we could own up to six chickens where we live in the city limits. It didn't take long for him to begin construction on a hen house to be tucked away in our backyard. Once Jacob's dad got involved, we had a grandiose poultry paradise.

IMG 0273
It was originally supposed to be about half this size. But we like to spoil our chickens. :)

IMG 2187
They have a nice little window with a pretty plant ledge.

IMG 2184
A little door for easy egg collection.

IMG 0268
A pretty, shady white crepe myrtle to keep them from cooking in the backyard.

IMG 2361

FRESH eggs are so much better! So fluffy and much more taste.

IMG 2362
And Chloe loves her new little friends - I think we have an animal lover on our hands.

IMG 2403
Yes, I know her pacifier is dragging the ground - gross. We do clean it. 
My favorite hen is the white one with the feathers on her legs - see her there on the left?