November 29, 2009

blog love

stumbled upon Under the Sycamore via my favorite blog….
and I love all the eye candy and great how-to’s

this lady might possibly be superwoman
as I think all moms are

go here and just sit and watch her banner play

i may be making this bandana apron for a Christmas present

just overall happy stuff

*erin, here is the link to her SnapShop photo tutorials I was telling you about

November 27, 2009

early thirty

Yes, we got up and went shopping this morning. Yes, we got up before the crack of dawn. Yes, we were armed with coffee and sale papers. No, we did not spend all day out shopping.

I woke up about 3:30am and could not go back to sleep. I was still debating whether or not to go even at this point.

We left the house at 4:30am and headed to Target. We got there about 4:45 and the line was insane. See?

I cannot believe we waited there in the cold until 5 o’clock on the dot. We passed news cameras and the anchorman as we entered the store almost single file. Insane, I tell ya.

We did get some good deals and are finished shopping for everyone except for one niece. This year we decided to try and lump presents together for each family. Buying for 10 nieces and nephews individually can get a little overwhelming.

We were out of Target and packing the stuff in our car by 5:30am. I am glad we went and were some of the “crazy people” out. I figured we saved a bunch of money and time.

My sleeping and eating schedule is totally out of whack today though. Hope that doesn’t turn me into the Grinch!

Dear Saturday morning, please do not try to wake me with your bright cheeriness. It will only make me more irritable to force awakeness. Dear body clock, please revert to my childhood when you did not chime until noon. Dear Christmas tree, please jump out of the attic and have yourself decked out by the time I wake. Thank you!

Give Thanks

There are too many things to list. But you had better believe I am counting my blessings and naming them one by one over here!

Here are some pictures though of the people we were able to enjoy for a special day of Thanks. Mostly the little ones. Not that we enjoy them more, but somehow I always end up with more pictures of them!


Uncle Jacob teaching the kids things they cannot
do without an adult.


Making silly faces with Aunt Candace. There are several of these.


Jacob’s grandmother. I caught her with food in her mouth.


Jacob’s older brother opening card with gifts from the parents.


Sister-in-law and me .


Meme getting ready for box trains and probably avoiding wrestling. I love how these kids are much too creative and active to play with just toys all the time. The grandparents too!

We are so very blessed with a wonderful family. Sometimes it makes me miss my family, other times it just makes me incredibly grateful to have such an amazing family right here in town.

November 19, 2009

guess what?

yep. she’s mine.

her name is bessie.

we will spending a lot of time together over the next few weeks.

jacob found her on huge discount online. he was also making up for not getting me anything for my last two birthdays. i’m in love. with him and maybe bessie.

the way it should be

a few weeks ago we made our way to dallas for a sweet union. it was a quick trip but totally worth it.

one of my best friends and my only after college roommate got hitched to a great guy. they compliment each other perfectly. they are funny. they kiss crazy ways.

we are super excited they live in the same city as us. we can double date. we tried that once this summer. we went to the drive in, but the mosquitos nearly hauled us away.

anyway, back to the wedding. it was a perfect wedding – even though we weren’t there for the actual ceremony. they had a short, sweet family only ceremony in the backyard of her parents’ house. later that night, we were all invited for a reception there as well.

we had taco soup and all the fixins. we sat around for hours and mingled with the happy couple and each other. they sat on the swing for a long time with the groom’s brother and sister. they played with the children that we there. they loved on each other.

it was the way a wedding should be.
filled with love.
surrounded by those that you love and that love you.

and, what would a wedding be without a cake?
made by yours truly….(i shall not criticize, but the list of imperfections is long)

i have a few pictures of me and the bride, but I look awful. oh well.

November 13, 2009

getting in the spirit

I just bought our third Christmas present this year. It is actually a late start for me. This might possibly be the most important Christmas present I will ever purchase.

For those of you who know me, you know that West Africa holds a special place in my heart. The orphans of the Village of Hope are quite possibly the most beautiful and most joyful children in the world. That could be because they have been given something special – a second chance at life.

You can give the gift of life in a different way this Christmas. Water. It is that simple. Pure, Clean Water. And you don’t even have to wrap it!

Change the lives of other children in West Africa.
Ten dollars.
That’s it.
Probably the least expensive gift you can buy.
Probably the most important gift you can buy.