January 26, 2010

do you have a heart?

jacob was on call the other night and had to go back in to the hospital at 4:30 in the morning. he knew he would probably get called around that time.

you see they were performing a harvest on a teenager who had died earlier in the day from a tragic accident. 
a harvest? yes, they had to harvest all of the child’s organs because his or her parents decided to donate them.

i laid awake for at least an hour thinking about that child’s family and the bad that happened to them, BUT on the same token thinking of all the good that will come from that bad.


are you signed up to be an organ donor? here in our state, you are identified as a registered organ donor by a heart on your driver’s license picture.

so, do you have a heart?

will your children have a heart?

i for real want to know, so leave a comment.


  1. I am an organ donor. Have been registered to be one since I was 16.

  2. I'm an organ donor although we don't have "hearts" here in Ontario! I've made it quite clear to my husband and family my intentions as well...which I think is important.

  3. My sweet 3 year old nephew was the recipient of a donated liver 11 months ago. Without this precious gift, he would not be alive today. Thank you for posting this!