June 6, 2012

dinner do's and don'ts

Eating at the table with a 17 month old poses quite a challenge most evenings. First, it was pray through the screaming. Then, it was "Don't throw your food." After that we moved on to "Put your food back on your plate" or "You eat it, don't give it to the dog." 

Dinnertime delight

But our latest challenge is new and a quick, stern redirection doesn't work AT ALL. We've been in Daycare Food Detox over the past couple of weeks and Chloe doesn't want her tongue to touch anything green right now. How do you handle that?

Dinnertime spinach

What happened? This girl used to gobble up broccoli, scarf down green beans, and even savor spinach! Now, it's all I can do to get her interested in anything other than carbs and carb sprinkled protein. Argh! 

But tonight, we had a breakthrough. Eggplant parmesan. Made from what we grew in our backyard. She was begging with her sweet little "Moh" after each bite. She seriously couldn't get enough of it until I broke out the grapes. 

Next time, I'll just slip some spinach in between slices of crispy eggplant and she won't even know what hit her.

I'm calling it a win! Beat that Chef Boy R Who with your hidden vegetables. Take that V-ate what! 

Mom - 1, Chloe - 267,413