January 10, 2010

all I have needed Thy hand hath provided

great is Thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me

Here is collection (piece meal) of thoughts from worship and Bible class this morning. I had to write (type) them down again so I could further sear them into my mind for the coming week.

2 Kings 4:1-7

God provides.

Luke 12:22-31

”Instead, strive for his kingdom…..” 
(the whole passage was read, but this bit stuck out for me)

Psalm 34

God always shows up!

Matthew 14:15-21 

God can do great things with little things.

Celebrate. Praise Him for His marvelous work.

What little things are you celebrating and praising God for today?


  1. I HAVE to comment! It is soooo true, He does provide. My elderly friend has told me many times that there is a scripture that says basically that you won't find God's people begging bread. I haven't looked for it, but I should. What I wanted to share: My husband is a custom home builder, with this economy, it isn't like it was before last year. This summer, instead of being able to move right on to another job, he had a down time for a couple months, doing remodel stuff, with a little more sporadic work hours. When he started this big house he's working on, I caught myself saying, "Good, I'm tired of being broke!" I never was really broked, we had everything we needed, and He has always taken care of us. I repented ;-)

  2. As soon as I hit post, I saw that I was broked! I may at times be brok-en, but never broked lol. Karen

  3. Hi Candace...thank you for these thoughts...I could really use them after this week.
    So happy to see your comment on my little blog. I am really enjoying yours! I'll be showing more of my home very soon. I just need to find some time during the day to take some pictures!