July 30, 2009

The Heirloom House

This could be a good name for our place if we were in the business of naming our place...more to come on that in a later post. However, we do have many heirlooms floating around here. We adore them and are so glad that we have a house filled with pieces that hold history. we love old stuff, not for its shear coolness factor but that old pieces hold a story.

Here are some of our pieces and their stories.

The white cabinet you saw back on this post belonged to my great-grandmother on my mom's side. We called her Grand Ruby. She and her sister took my mom to church when she was younger and then helped her get to the Christian college where she met our dad. On the left is how it looked when my mom got it after Grand Ruby died. On the left is how it looks now in our dining room.
Now, for inside that cabinet....

This thing is filled with a mixture of our wedding presents and things my parents were given as wedding presents.
Some things belonged to our mom's mom, or MawMaw, if you will. See there that glass shoe in the bottom right side, those three teacups across the middle, and that pink depression glass set on the bottom shelf. Oh how my sister and I would admire that pink depression glass when we visited Mawmaw for Spring Break and the Holidays.

Well enough of my stuff, let's move to heirlooms from hubby's family.

This beauty hangs above our bed and looks eerily like Jacob's best bud, Sydney. We are not sure where it came from. Jacob thinks that it was drawn by his great-uncle maybe. All we do know is that it is a charcoal drawing that was in his grandparent's farm house in Pennsylvania. It has a gorgeous frame around it too.

One of our most valued treasures is this book. And while it is new, it holds years of photos and heirloom memories. Jacob's grandmother (with help from uncle and cousin-in-law) created and gave each grandchild a book of the family tree. It simply tells the story of Jacob's grandpa and grandma and the legacy they built of loving God and doing His will.

There are several other pieces in this house that have stories to go with them. There are so many others but I didn't want this post to go any longer. So, I'll give you them in list form.....Mawmaw's white Bible that Jonny gets, the bed my parents had when they first got married, part of dad's coin collection, Jacob's grandpa's work log, mother's pearls.

Well, like I said in my last post, I am glad that these things are in our house, but more importantly I am glad that we have pieces that mean something and tell a story of the people who once owned them.

We also have a great heirloom meatloaf recipe from Jacob's other grandmother......oh, it is so good. I'll be posting it soon, so be on the lookout.

Head on over Emma Calls Me Mama and enjoy all the heirloom pieces.


  1. Such wonderful treasures in your home - on both sides of the family! Your heirlooms are wonderful and thank you for sharing them with us!

  2. Hi Candace :)

    The cabinet in your dining room is wonderful and I love that you have a picture of it before it was yours. Love the sketch and the photo book too. It's so nice that your husband's grandparents did that for all the grandchildren :)


  3. oooh i love that darling white cabinet :)

  4. Hello Candace - thank you for joining the party! I love Grand Ruby's white cabinet! I really like the way you've made it over a bit with new knobs and the damask paper in the back of the shelves. It's beautiful! Your glass pieces inside are so special - love the pink depression glass! The doggie painting is so neat and how cool that it was drawn by someone in your family. And what a precious idea to make a family tree book for everyone! I can understand why it's your most valued treasure.


  5. Oh that is exciting that we have the same tea cups. I love them. That book is awesome ... very good idea to make something like that to keep all the memories and pictures in one place!

  6. What special treasures you have in your home. Your picture of the cabinet in the past is precious! I wanted to post old pictures of my table on the blog today, but had to run out too early. :o)

  7. Wonderful treasures full of sweet memories!

  8. It is a rainy day here in La and I have enjoyed some blog reading....So glad I stopped by yours. Enjoyed your wedding pictures....