July 14, 2009

Count your Blessings, Name them one by one

Today has been a blessed day.

1. I got to talk to my mother-in-law for the 2nd time this week. Short but sweet.
2. The dermatologist called to say the mole they removed was normal.
3. I passed the two Praxis tests (with flying colors) that I took in June. Three down, one to go.
4. Was able to buy a small pillow at Target to celebrate the above. Of course, it was on clearance.
5. My sister-in-law called to say that something big with the boys might happen today.
6. My husband is grilling right now.
7. Facebooked with an old friend.
8. Got an email from my favorite aunt.
9. Emailed my student teaching cooperating teacher. Love her!
10. Laughed at my hilarious husband.
11. Had one of our tomatoes with lunch. Yum!
12. This list could go on for ages.......

Life is good!


  1. All very exciting things! (I'm especially glad about #2!)

  2. Praise God! These things are wonderful. Kelly

  3. p.s. I love that hymn too. :) Kelly

  4. I agree, life IS good. Especially SO when you can enjoy a God-given peace in your heart. LOVE your blog, I'm going to be back and check it out more. Can't go to Barn House today, so I'm pouting, but I got family stuff to do and weighing it all I out, I just can't go. But life's still good LOL. Karen