July 30, 2009

Wedding Party and Flowers Day

So I have decided to jump on the bloggy bandwagon over at Kelly's Korner and
link up to the Show Us Your Life parties she hosts.
This week is Wedding Party and Flowers.

I chose white tulips, green berries (whatever that 'h' word is), and some yellow roses. Family members carried yellow roses in memory of my mother. I ordered the tulips online and my stepsisters made the bouquets and boutonnieres.

Now on the the real stuff. We had one of the best wedding parties EVER. We were surrounded by all the people we love and our day couldn't have been any better. Let's get the show on the road so you can see all these wonderful people.

Here's the whole gang, posing for our casual shot outside.

This is obviously me with each of my bridesmaids.
We had a serious picture and of course a silly picture.
These are the sillies. Love them!

This is one of my favorites. I do not like that we are not together
but this was the best of us outside.

And on to the boys. Aren't they handsome?
This is one of my favorites too.

Here is Jacob with each of his boys doing the silly thing.
The pictures don't lie, these guys are so much fun!
You will not stop laughing when they are around.

We had just a few kids in our wedding, all nieces and nephews.
The kids are not into at this point. You should see the rest of these shots!

There is a story here......The photographer placed us and then told the bridesmaids to find a
random spot and just focus on it. I was to remain looking at the camera.
Notice, the redhead just to my right.......

"Did you turn all the way around, Emily?" Oh mercy, we were laughing so hard!


  1. I thought your church looked "Memphis-y". Congratulations fellow April 5th-ers! Don't you love how I just created 2 new words?

  2. What great pictures! You make one beautiful bride girlfriend!