August 6, 2009

running behind....

Well, lo and behold, I actually did something besides yard saling, creating more messes (I mean projects), and hunting for a job this week. Hallelujah! I went to visit my best friend, Lindley, over at her new place in Middle Tennessee. She moved this past weekend and I went to check out the digs and help decor-ize (I can make up words if I want to). She has a great new job teaching Physical Education at one of the top schools in our state. She has a great new apartment in a booming little town filled with charm. She has a great outlook on things to come! She needed all this newness and greatness. God has given her a special task to fulfill there - I just know it!

Lindley and I have been best friends since I don't know when, but she claims it was around 4th grade. She doesn't lie and she has a freakishly amazing memory, so I believe her. Her mom is very dear to me also. Our moms were friends back in the days of us growing up. Her mom has kind of always been a second mom to me and I realized this past weekend how much I have missed that. Lindley's mom has the best laugh too. We all get tickled at each other and can just laugh and laugh.

Good times, good times. We even got some cupcake action in there at the last minute. There is a new GiGi's cupcakes open just down the road from Lindley's new apartment. They were to. die. for. Here you can see Lindley modeling her and her mother's selections.

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Miss Princess - the name suits her
White cake with fresh strawberries, cream cheese frosting,
topped with pink sugar

I had the Strawberry Short Cake and got the Wedding Cake to take back to Jacob. Yum! Jacob did call as we were leaving GiGi's. The conversation went a little something like this. "Hey, what's up?" Me: "Nothing." Jacob: "Cupcakes?" Me: "How'd you know?" He knows me and loves me just the same.

Here's a pic of the cupcake that I got for him. It didn't quite make it back to Memphis in the same grand presentation in which I had bought it. However, it tasted just as wonderful.

Oh yeah, and about the title of this post.....I've run/walked/elipticaled over 8 miles since I have been back trying to keep that cupcake off my behind!


  1. I loved getting to catch up with you and your life! :) Your husband sounds like a great catch and your home is adorable! I've tried to get Kathryn to start blogging!! :) Have a great weekend!

  2. I love you!! And it was around 4th grade! I'm so glad you came and visited and can.not.wait for you to come again!! I've yet to work off that cupcake!