July 21, 2009

a date with my boyfriend

What a beautiful weekend we had. The temperatures dipped back under 90 degrees and the breeze was nearly constant. We put aside house projects and chores and just enjoyed each other instead. It was loverly!

Friday was spent on a double date with my former roommate and her beau. We had a cheap and easy date night with BOGO pizza and two-for-one drive in movies. Oh yeah, our friends did leave to get Off! while we were at the movies.

Saturday was a full date day. Hubby made coffee while I got ready for us to head to the flea market. we stumbled upon some fabulous booths outside stocked with antiques and lots of vintage finds. We had a blast showing each other the cool things we spotted. We walked away with a just a couple of things.

That evening we prepared our dinner together. We prepped the food together and hubby lit up the grill. While thoroughly enjoying our savory appetizer, Hubby expressed, "This is my favorite kind of date." It made me melt like the cheese inside the bacon wrapped jalapeno I was eating.

Appetizer: Bacon Wrapped Jalapenos and Coconut Lime Shrimp

Main Meal: Cedar Plank Salmon, Cheesy Grit Stuffed Tomatoes,
and Roasted Asparagus and Summer Squash

That food was so amazing. We ate the appetizer outside by the grill while the salmon was cooking. We are living the life, I tell ya!

Sunday night hubby asked me on another date. I, of course, said yes, especially when it asked me to go see Harry Potter with him after church. We hated the price, but loved the movie. A good wrap to such a wonderful weekend. He even certified it as a "real date" by opening the car door for me. (We determined when we were dating that this is how you know it is a real date and not just a night together.)

I am glad he gets to kiss me goodnight still too. That's one of the best feelings in the world.


  1. ahh i love dates! and i love you and jacob! ps if i haven't talked to you when you read this CALL ME ASAP!

  2. Whoa...that food looks amazing! Seriously, it looks like it came from a fancy restaurant. You and hubby must be quite the culinary pair! And what a perfect way to spend the weekend...together. My hubbs and I took our oldest two to see Harry Potter this weekend also. LOVED it. Can hardly wait for the next.

  3. Dates with husbands are the best kinds of dates@ Kelly