July 27, 2009

So in Love

This man is incredible. He wants to make all of my dreams come true.

Here's how I know:

Example 1: When were dating (about 6 weeks into it), my roommate forced me to tell him that I loved cotton candy and wanted it at my wedding one day. I received my very own personal cotton candy maker for Christmas (about 4 weeks after I had told him.)

Example 2: I had always wanted to go to NYC. I knew it would be like one giant playground. He took me there and proposed with Brooklyn Bridge in the background. (He thought about doing it in the Toy-R-US and on top of the Empire State building, but that moment just felt right for him.) It was perfection!

Example 3: I am watching t.v. and he is on ebay. I nonchalantly mention that I want to go on a cruise. Within the minute, he has prices pulled up for a cruise. I cannot remember now what triggered the change in agenda, but he started looking up train tours. (oh yes, I mentioned that we could go on a cruise that leaves from New Orleans and ride the train from here down to there.) Anyway, when I was single I dreamed of going on kind-of-a original 13 Colonies train tour. I wanted to start down in Savannah and work my way up the east coast stopping in key cities rich with history. (I'll say it for you - I'm a DORK!) So, there was hubby last night going through the long task of piecing together the stops and route that would fulfill this dream.

The tickets alone came out to $508 for both of us. That does not account for any hotels, meals, and tours we would want to take. So, we probably will not be taking this trip any time soon.

BUT, we can stay at home and make each other happy just looking up the places and dreaming can't we? You can bet your bottom dollar.

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