March 15, 2011

return of the teacher

I am on spring break this week – three days after going back to work after maternity leave. ha! I love that it worked out that way. my first few days back at work were good. I keep telling everyone it was like riding a bike. it was nice to go back for those three days and just get reacquainted with my students and get everything back in order. 

I enjoy my students and I enjoy being in my classroom. teaching is a challenge but it is a fun and very rewarding challenge. I so glad this is what I can do with my life and talents. 

I will be glad when the weather is warm enough that kids do not have to wear jackets. our school is an open campus so jackets come off and on at least three times a day. they had to clean up this area just after I took this picture. they will tell you their jacket should be on a hook. pet peeve maybe, but I view it as teaching them to be responsible and respect their property as well as thinking of safety. mine and theirs. ha!
the morning message – ask my principal, I am a little neurotic about this. it is usually a lot longer than this and the kids complete it. they haven’t done it since I have been gone. this was the first time since December for them to try it. it’s not pretty – they’ve regressed some. we will get back on track. they LOVE doing the morning message and our morning meeting.
midday shoe change – sometimes I hate doing this in front of my kids because the first time I did it this year one little girl shook her head and said, “all them shoes.” a sharp stabbing reminder at how blessed I am. and just fyi – I only change into my crocs in my classroom, I travel around school in my ‘cute’ shoes – you know, because I have to pretend to be professional and all.

today, I will spend a good portion of this spring break preparing lesson plans and activities for the rest of the school year. I will not take time away from my family to do it in the evenings. I am excited to be back but it will be a whole new set of challenges to balance home and work. any and all suggestions are welcome. :)

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