March 17, 2011

pictures with mama, e.t.c.

I only have like two pictures with chloe. and, of course, I don’t like either of them. hence the reason I typically have the back of the camera pressed to my face. well, it dawned on me the other day that I didn’t have many pictures with my own mother. it made me want to be more intentional about taking photos with chloe and not caring what I look like in them. she won’t be critiquing my double-chin or crooked teeth. when I look at pictures of my mother I think she is beautiful – because I knew her.

so when chloe took a liking to my nose the other night – I practically yelled at jacob to grab the camera. we laughed as she was going to town on the tip of my nose – she LOVED it. I am glad we captured this moment. she is at that age where everything is interesting and she is trying to find a way to get it to her mouth.

June 1981
and just for kicks – I dug up a photo of my mom and I when I was about chloe’s age. LOVE IT!

I am linking up over at the anderson crew for embrace the camera. I love this linky – it challenges me to think about snapping different images and capturing memories – not just events. every day life. head over there and check out the other links.



  1. Such a sweet pic! My son used to nibble my nose. Miss that!

  2. So cute, my little guy used to do this too!

  3. Ha! Both of those photos are precious!

  4. That first picture is so perfect! sweet

  5. awww love the eating the nose shot!

  6. that first photo is completely adorable! sweet, sweet baby!

  7. fun photos - take more!! PS - did you sip that cola?

  8. my little guy does that nose nibble too and I love it! Kelly