March 18, 2011

friday finds

wow. I really like this. like really, really.
turquoise piano 3
{addicted 2 decorating}



um, yes please.
be careful going to this blog.
tip#1 – wear a bib because you’ll drool.
tip#2 – don’t nurse while looking at this blog because you’ll laugh out loud and make the baby mad.
{confessions of a cookbook queen}

and in case you were wondering (in which case I know you were just dying to know) if all I do is look at pretty things and make myself fat by finding yummy recipes, the answer is no. I also read blogs. like good ones with good things to say. so, go bake those cookie muffin things then sit down and enjoy them while reading these posts!

Liz @ Mabel’s House on good men 
Rachel @ No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane on scripture 
Julie @ Joy’s Hope on her babies

Have  a happy weekend!

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