March 23, 2010

stressed and pouty

i just want to cry today.
work has been extremely stressful this week.
the kids have been especially disobedient and other work circumstances have gotten much worse.

maybe this is God’s way of making me fully appreciate next week – it’s spring break.

yeah, yeah, I know, most people don’t get a spring break or any kind of break at a much needed, high stress period of time. so, to those of you thinking that…..bring it on, i’ll trade jobs with you for a week and see how it goes.

see? i’m crabby. and i just want to cry. 

three days. i just need to survive three more days.

some days I really do love my job. just not today.

but I should leave you with a positive thought instead.



  1. Amen... I taught school for 13 years and man there is no job better deserving of a BREAK... If anyone disagrees then I say let them go do it for a year and see if they arent' ready for a BREAK too.

  2. I hope today was a little brighter...
    teachers are so special...OPKs (other peoples kids) can be tough to love..
    you DESERVE a break my dear and I hope you enjoy it.
    Have fun next week!!!