March 18, 2010

new addition

we’ve been moving some things around to make some room for a very life-changing addition to our household.

a dishwasher.
yes, life changing.

we found an unused apartment sized dishwasher on craigslist for cheap. 
855 1066
jacob (kind of) rebuilt a 9” wide cabinet and drawer from the previous 28” cabinet and drawer. he wired the dishwasher and reworked the plumbing. he rocks!
now, i just have to make a little curtain until we can get a door fixed up and recaulk the base boards. and that’s okay.
because i am one happy wife!
now, we have less of this.
which leaves me more time for 30Rock.

it’s on now, gotta go!


  1. yayyyyyy! no more washing of dishes by hand!!! it'll be nice to sit down and relax and hear the sound of the dishwasher at night! :)

  2. awesome!! I don't know how you lasted as long as you did...