March 3, 2010

birthday giveaway

Saturday is my birthday. Have I mentioned that yet? I’m turning 29. Yep, only one more year until the big 3-0!  **Yikes, bikes!**

In honor of my birthday, I’ve been doing a little coveting.  Here are a few things that I just thought were cute and might look even cuter on me or near me.  Ha! I mean maybe they will make me look cuter – okay, whatever it’s just good eye-candy.

78404_whi_b 771041_cre_b 983073_059_b

and the only probable option (and the most exciting one)…….15336_215840955849_175998715849_4166301_7914807_n a cupcake with sprinkles from here.

And here is my gift to you, an anthropologie initial mug of your own ….just leave a comment telling me the best birthday present you have ever received.

I will randomly choose and announce a winner on Saturday!

top three images from anthropologie


  1. Happy Birthday young whippersnapper! :) The best birthday present . . . hmmm. . . I know the worst one - tickets to Hall and Oates from my college boyfriend. I'd never heard of them (I did recognize their songs), but it was because HE liked them. Glad I'm not with him now. ha!

  2. Happy Birthday!!!! I LOVE Gigi's cupcakes! Apparently they are opening 2 in Atlanta soon and I am so excited! It's hard to remember all the bday gifts.. but last year I finally got a DSLR camera.. and I love it. Probably the best gift ever. :)

  3. Mmm, I love those cupcakes too! I used to eat them in Nashville. Yum. My best birthday present...When I was little, I had a stuffed dog that I carried everywhere, until you basically couldn't tell what it was. When I turned 16, my mom and dad suprised me with that same stuffed dog, just new! They had searched everywhere and found a company in Germany that still made them and they got me one! So I had a flashback birthday along with a beautiful necklace. Prob. the best birthday present ever for me.

  4. Well, when I turned 30, Bart had a surprise birthday party for me. (I was totally surprised!) For my gift, he surprised me with a trip to Chicago to see the taping of Oprah. He had taken care of everything. My mom was keeping Parker and all the arrangements were made! That was definitely the best birthday! I hope turning 30 will be great for you as well!

  5. Last year my sister took me to a day spa for my birthday. It blew me away. It was so fun to do something girly together. Thanks for a chance at this nice giveaway! :)

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  7. I hope i'm not too late! Happy Birthday by the way...wish we were sharing a cake in the dorm at 1 in the morning!!!

    It is hard to nail down the best gift (sadly I don't have one that stands out)...but I do love the days that my grandma and grandpa would take me to ChuckE CHeese (then it was Show Biz Pizza) and give me pockets of tokens to play whatever I wanted! Good times!