February 2, 2010

the witch

all of this winter weather we have experienced over the last week has been beautiful in its own respect.
icy weather is not my friend though.

it’s so pretty but it has me turning into a witch.

the_chronicles_of_narnia_the_lion_the_witch_and_the_wardrobe_9 icy. cold. mean. and ready to devour children.

they have been CRAZY this week. and i am ready to shove them back into a giant wardrobe and let them escape to another world. maybe haiti. then they would appreciate what they do have and would make the most of school. plus, it would be warmer there.

shoot, maybe i’ll just crawl in the wardrobe and disappear.

you get my point. i’m grumpy and have spring fever.

1 comment:

  1. me too!! I'm not a fan of cold weather... and we didn't even get the ice and stuff this weekend.