February 7, 2010

wicket awesome

jacob and i are both nerds. there is no doubt about that.

we are star wards nerds too. i asked for the new release trilogy for my 17th birthday in 1998. his college nickname was wookiee. nerds, yeah. we even have a star wars room in our house.

the great debate  is if episode 5 or 6 is better. his favorite is empire strikes back and mine has always, always been return of the jedi.

it’s my favorite because of the ewoks. they are funny and furry and cute – and they save the day! i had a pink ewoks nightgown when i was a little girl. 

now i have an ewoks apron! isn’t it awesome? that’s wicket, the leader of the ewoks, there to the right.

a girl i went to college with sells them in her etsy shop, razorBloom. she has all kinds of great blasts from the past kind of aprons. go check her out here.

if you buy something from her, maybe she will send a cute note to you too!

now, i’m off to bake with luke, leia, and han on my hip!

p.s. do you like my $4.98 converse? I heart target!

jacob returns this friday.

photos are being gangked from the corporate blog (does that count as crediting the source?)

i can’t get enough of this man.

******edited: i would like to show you pictures of more than just jacob, but i do not want to overstep my bounds of “gangking”. maybe when he gets back we can show the patients. ***********

1 comment:

  1. I have never seen a Star Wars movie and don't think I could sit through it...my older bo9ys and my husband love them all though...but that apron is awesome!
    Glad your hubby is coming home...what an incredible experience that is for him!