February 21, 2010

going for the gold

have you been watching the olympics? we have, sort of.  we’ve caught a bit of snowboarding cross and curling. we saw sean white’s winning run.

i’m not a fan of the redesigned medals. not that anyone is asking me though. but really, why wouldn’t they ask me?

i mean, I DO have a few medals accumulated in my own personal olympic sport – target clearance shopping.

three bronze, two golds. and i have a silver somewhere.

back to the real olympics….does anyone actually know the rules for curling?


  1. Hi Candace, I'm with you on the medal redesign. With your obviously extensive experience in metalurgy and great design, they really should have checked with you first. Live and learn, right?

    Thanks for stopping by and saying g'day. You have a gorgeous blog...I look forward to popping in from time to time if that's okay? Meredith xo.

  2. Well our Howell house has sure been watching some Olympics. :) I love that you somehow turned a post about the Olympics into a post about your shoes...

  3. The rules for curling are...the cooler your pants the better your chance for winning. Go Cool Pants! Found you through MADE by Dana and love the name of your blog and that you are a teacher. Teachers rock and I am not one. I just love teachers!