February 17, 2010

a good weekend

valentine’s weekend started with good vibes.

my class party was that friday and all things were hectic but fun. it is always nice to let loose a little with the kiddos. plus, it helped the day move faster towards jacob’s arrival time.

019                                                                        she certainly is a little diva
friday night was fabulous. we just spent our time together catching up and enjoying each other’s company.  (oh yeah, and waiting on the cops for the hit-and-run we were in)

saturday was special too. my best friend came to town with her entourage and we had our very own version of “say yes to the dress” from TLC. there were lots of dresses and of course her sassy shoes. she bought a dress almost as beautiful as she is. 

then, jacob and i celebrated valentine’s with fondue and chocolate covered strawberries at home. we went to see avatar after that. both the meal and the movie were amazing.

all in all, i would say it was a good weekend full of love – all sorts of love.  

p.s. florescent light is horrible. just compare the first two pictures to that last one. gag! any suggestions for getting good color in that light?

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  1. WHat a fun Vday. Love that DIVA shot. So cute. I would laugh if I got a heart like that.