November 19, 2009

the way it should be

a few weeks ago we made our way to dallas for a sweet union. it was a quick trip but totally worth it.

one of my best friends and my only after college roommate got hitched to a great guy. they compliment each other perfectly. they are funny. they kiss crazy ways.

we are super excited they live in the same city as us. we can double date. we tried that once this summer. we went to the drive in, but the mosquitos nearly hauled us away.

anyway, back to the wedding. it was a perfect wedding – even though we weren’t there for the actual ceremony. they had a short, sweet family only ceremony in the backyard of her parents’ house. later that night, we were all invited for a reception there as well.

we had taco soup and all the fixins. we sat around for hours and mingled with the happy couple and each other. they sat on the swing for a long time with the groom’s brother and sister. they played with the children that we there. they loved on each other.

it was the way a wedding should be.
filled with love.
surrounded by those that you love and that love you.

and, what would a wedding be without a cake?
made by yours truly….(i shall not criticize, but the list of imperfections is long)

i have a few pictures of me and the bride, but I look awful. oh well.


  1. That cake is too cute! i love it! I would LOVE to see pictures of the bride and/or reception!

  2. I know! Jennifer G. took the pictures but I have yet to see any from the reception. They had a slide show of the wedding ceremony that morning playing at the reception in the evening. She was beautiful! She wore her dress for the ceremony and then changed for the reception that night. It was a perfectly laid back experience. I cannot wait for her to tell you all about it.

  3. what a neat sounding wedding! I think you did a GREAT job on teh cake!!! Kelly