December 15, 2009

present (in a) moment

My list of things to do this week are ever growing as the week gets shorter. How does that happen? AND only like three things have anything to do with Christmas. Bummer.

Even in the midst of this week’s chaos, I am simply missing this crew.


This is my family two years ago at my sister’s house in Denver. That’s me in the obnoxiously pink jacket. We have never been one of those families that gets all coordinated and such for photos. Nope, we just snap it. Wal-mart bags and all. (See bottom right corner on my brother’s feet.) That’s character folks. And I sure do miss these characters.

This was the last Christmas we were all together.

Jacob and I had flown in from our little rendezvous in NYC where we had just gotten engaged. I went upstairs and crawled in the bed with my dad. I told him I had a secret and then whispered to him that we were engaged. He smiled. He wasn’t feeling well. I couldn’t tell you for the life of me what gift dad got me that year. But I don’t need to, I have that moment.

After this picture, we got in a huge snowball fight. Dad was out there letting us have it. I hadn’t seen him that lively and having that much fun in such a long time.

I wish I could find the pictures from those few moments.

I think about my dad everyday anyway, but I am really thinking about him this week. And the rest of my family.

I’m not sad, just full of thoughts of them. I promise I will write about something more upbeat in the next few days. Cause it’s Christmas and I cannot help but to feel all excited like a little kid.

Hope you are enjoying every moment with your loved ones!

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