December 23, 2009

magical memories

I love to sit and stare at our Christmas tree in a dark room. This usually happens early on a Saturday morning when the house is still and quiet.

I may get this from my mom. I remember her up late sitting in a dark room, just watching the bright sea of wonder. I get lost there. It sparkles. It twinkles. It glows. It’s just magical.

One of the best parts about this time of year is relishing in the moment without reserve to be nostalgic as well. For this tenderheart, it makes the things of this time of year even more special. I love reliving the memories of old and making new!

056 NYC ornament bought at the Empire State Building just after getting engaged
059 My mother always called me CandyCane

Proposing frogs my sister gave me when we got to Denver after getting engaged

051 We had these beautiful ornaments as kids – there are 3 of them left.

From my band days

055 my baby’s first Christmas ornament

What memories (old and new) are you savoring this Christmas?


  1. so what's the news? i see "my baby's first christmas" ....

    i love falling asleep to the little tree all bright in our bedroom at night!

  2. You will have to wait on the news. No, I am not pregnant. That was my first christmas ornament. Ha!

  3. I LOVE this post!!! Wish I had just a little of your creativity! I LOVE the ornaments...made me think about my own memories! I do the same thing with my tree...I was admiring my ornaments just yesterday as I hung up Jack's ornament for the year. I got him an "I Believe in Santa" ornament....I thought it was appropriate to remember the year he really understood santa and presents! :) I can't wait for christmas morning!