October 5, 2009

October 5th, 2009

Just a regular day, but here's what happened....

listened to message from an optional school principal who wanted to interview me for a kindergarten position......called her back immediately......the position had already been filled.....she had been interviewing all weekend......i asked when she called and left the message.....it was saturday while we were in the back woods of arkansas camping......i told her that......then i got off the phone and cried

i babysat two beautiful girls tonight that i had never met in person......their mother and i went to college.....she was in town to photograph a mutual friend's engagement......when she left she said my house was beautiful and adorable......i said her girls were beautiful and adorable

my husband just made me s'mores

thoughts i am taking to bed.....God has something planned and i am glad for the wake up call to keep my phone within range of a cell phone tower.......i would much rather have my kids complimented than my house.......jacob is the best


  1. I love you, Candaysee! Hang in there! It must have not been the right job for you...and I'd take camping in the backwoods with my husband anyday over working! ;)

  2. Oh Candace! I am so sorry. God DOES have a plan. I am confident He does. I will admit that I there are areas of my life where I am not sure what it is either, but He does have a plan and it is perfect.

    This time in your life may not feel like what you want it to, but it does afford opportunities like camping with your hubby which may not be as readily available in some other seasons of your life.

    I will pray for peace, guidance and contentment for you! Kelly