August 28, 2009

Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater

So, I've been cheating this week - a lot. There were no tests but plenty of opportunities to cheat. I am confessing. Cleansing is good for the soul.

I cheated on my diet. I am not really on a diet, but I am trying to not gain more weight.
Chocolate chip cookies do not help. Did I mention they were still warm here?
To my benefit, that's Breyers half fat ice cream.

I bought a lamp at TJMaxx for $7 when I do not have any money
left in my August "Me" budget. I actually bought two lamps. This one didn't have a shade, so I bought a gaudy gold one for $10, switched the shade to this one, with intentions of returning the gaudy gold one with no shade.
Shady, I know! (pun completely intended)
I have decided to take back both lamps.

I didn't wash the dishes one night. Okay, two nights.
Okay, I do this often.
(Head bowing lower and lower)

There are canned goods holding up my picture frames. I yanked off that easel thing so I could hang the frame on the wall (just a few weeks ago). I refuse to pay money for some of those little picture easels. I guess this doesn't really constitute as cheating. Whatever.

Oh yeah, after cheating you have to eat pumpkin, right?
So I cooked up the pumpkin hubby's parents gave us and froze it.
Wish we had more. I could eat pumpkin stuff all fall long.

{insert devious little look}

Do you think I could cheat and eat it before fall?
Guess I will have to confess more cheating later!

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