May 15, 2012

farmergirl wannabe

My computer doesn't like that word…farmergirl. But it's sort of my goal/dream for this summer.

I remember the summer I was eight years old. My sister and I spent a few weeks at my great-grandmother's farm in South Georgia (Jaw-jah). It was a neat experience and I am glad we have the memories. It was just the two of us, hanging out with my grandfather everyday and doing what we could to "help" my great-grandmother. I remember her most at the big white sink with sideboards looking out into the chicken pin.

Farmergirl 2

It seemed like she was eternally working at that sink and in that kitchen. Every day, every meal was a smorgasbord of the best country cooking anyone could hope for. And what did I eat? Biscuits and honey. I couldn't get enough. Yum!

That summer I saw my great-grandmother, well into her 80's at that point, fling a chicken to kill. I watched her spend all day plucking and prepping that chicken in the back porch off the kitchen.

My grandfather would take my sister and I out on the tractor. It was blue and white. We would ride perched upon the wheel covers (gasp) and occasionally get to steer.

I remember sleeping in the squeaky, old iron bed laden with hand-stitched quilts and washing my face in the ancient pedestal sink with a little rubber stopper.

We traipsed around the farm checking corn, feeding the horses, and picking wild blackberries. Mostly, I remember the blackberries. I didn't like blackberries but I didn't mind picking them.

That's the kind of summer I want to have. Unglamorous work swirled with a heaping dose of carefree relaxation and homemade food.

Now, only 3 more days until I get to find a way to channel that mentality in the middle of the city with a 17 month old.

Farmergirl 1

What are your summer plans?


  1. What great memories, Candace. I am a farmergirl wannabe too right now. I've got to get out of the CITY!! :)

  2. Sounds glorious! Have you ever read the book Katie John? I remember reading it as a child and it's in my personal library and I've re-read it through the years. It reminds me of this lifestyle you're wanting to have. Not quite as farm like but charming just the same! Enjoy!! Kelly