May 1, 2012


this is my new favorite picture.

IMG 6269

my girl loves dirt. as we planted our garden about a month ago, she was right there with us each step of the way. we let her stay busy putting loose dirt in a small pot and then dumping it back in the large pot. little did we know, we were creating a bad habit. now, we cannot walk by a patch of dirt without Chloe lunging for the soil with both hands ready to be filled. 

case in point, we went to the doctor a week or so ago. Chloe was doing really well in the waiting room but soon got restless, so we walked outside. She did great walking up and down the sidewalk chasing me until she saw what lined the flowerbed - mulch. She was a goner after I wouldn't let her dig into her treasured dirt and take a sample to her doctor. 

IMG 6222

oh, and when we pick her up from "school" - which i call school because it makes me feel better - she has a diaper full of pea gravel that came from the playground. it pours out of her pants when we pick her up and she screams as we rid her of the tiny rocks she has been hoarding. 

IMG 6260

dirt. it makes her happy. 

silly little girl. she makes me happy.

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