January 26, 2012

inner debate

i've been going back and forth between returning to this here ole blog. and the truth of the matter is, i really want to. i do. i miss it. 

it once served as a release, an outlet for my thoughts. sometimes i would allow the deep thoughts to seep onto the screen you are reading now. and other times, i would fill it with posts on frivolous matters such as my house and cooking - maybe in a effort to allow something out of my head so that i would not burden any readers with the "heavy" stuff! and not to mention, i am a sharer by nature. possibly even an over-sharer in some instances.

so, here i am - having not blog for almost the first full year of my child's life. let's face it. i can barely manage being a wife, mom, and teacher. it's no wonder that a silly little blog feel by the wayside. i feel like i've missed so much already. maybe i will recap the end of 2011 soon. maybe i won't. part of my debating my return has hinged on if i should go back and update what has been happening around here or just pick up where we are now.

who knows?

all i know is i have lots of thoughts and things i want to share. some serious and some silly.

so, dear blog - our friendship may be somewhat strained right now but we are old friends. and everyone knows old friends can just pick up and carry on like no time has passed. i am looking forward to what time we may spend together soon.

and just so you can agree on how cute my kid is now - here is a picture of the little sweetie! surely can't get enough of her!



  1. She is so darling!! I say just jumP in and share whatever is presently on your mind. One thing I like to keep in my blogging back pocket is "one year ago" and then I can just catch up on something from the year before but somehow it feels more in current time. Does that make any sense? Kelly

  2. Yay! You're back! Who knows, maybe I'll post more than two posts to my own blog now that I'll be a mommy! And that little girl of yours...well, she's my Chloe! Beautiful and has her mommy's wonderfully beautiful personality!