November 10, 2011

ten on ten

i thought maybe the best way to get back in the swing of blogging would be to participate in 10 on 10 today. even as busy as i have been, it was nice to stop real quick and snap a picture. it was a pretty typical day - probably boring to most other people. but this is how life looks right now.

IMG 3814
running late already
IMG 3816
riding to work with my honey
IMG 3821
the pledge
IMG 3822
planning time - lesson plans and homework for next week
IMG 3826
how to cook a turkey writing via whattheteacherwants
IMG 3827
end of the day - there's strange peace in a classroom after an eventful day
IMG 3830
picking up the hubs from work
IMG 3837
snack time for the baby (and the dog)
IMG 3838
freezer meal lasagna - interesting
IMG 3848
play time with daddy

life is honestly good right now. things are busy and exhausting but oh so wonderful. school is kicking my rear and i am drowning in paperwork. i am just trying to remember what it is I am there to do and to enjoy my kids. chloe is at such a fun age right now and i am trying to soak it all in. it is all flying by. i will truly be thankful for our break in a few weeks so i can spend days playing with my family!


  1. Goodness, I'm nearly 10 years older than you and yet our lives seems quite similar. Great set :-)

  2. what a sweetie you have! love the picture of her feeding the dog!

    your last paragraph--it's a difficult thing to find that balance between putting so much energy into your students and having something left for your most important little at home! i spent 5 years trying to find that just right balance and then just gave up and came home. some find it and some don't, what can i say?

    praying you come out of the paperwork deluge soon and can enjoy your break and baby! God will give you the strength to do what He has called you to!

  3. I'm so glad you found time to share this today! We can be teachers and have families...somehow. Love the pic of her under the blanket with her daddy and peering up at him.