February 15, 2011

two months

dear baby girl,

you have been in our lives for just a few short weeks but it seems like you have been here forever. i think that is because you have always been in our hearts, but we just now have the blessing to be with you in flesh. what an amazing life ours has become!


as far as your development goes, you are well on track – quite impressive actually.

you smile all day long. and you laughed once for daddy.
you LOVE being on your changing pad.
you prefer to be naked. and hate getting into clothes.
you hold your head up. and have since you were born.  
you sit straight up. and fuss if we don’t let you for very long.
two people in two separate venues have stated that you look like you are about to talk.
you take in everything around you. you are so very alert. always.

and the kicker, you have been sleeping through the night for almost 4 weeks!!!


we love you.

you have made our lives more wonderful and we praise God for you.


  1. oh good sleeping baby girl!!!! What a wonderful post. I like the part about having her in your hearts before and now getting to be with her in the flesh. Kelly

  2. She is adorable! The pictures are so cute!