February 24, 2011

mommy’s day out, etc

today, I am typing this while not popping a paci back in or holding a little one. today, I am typing this with a tear in my eye.

chloe is with her mimi and she is going to have a great day. her big cousin will stop by to play with her and her gigi, jacob’s great-grandmother, will get to love on her as well.

we are so very blessed with wonderful families. we are especially blessed to live fairly close to jacob’s family. mimi, jacob’s mom, will be keeping chloe when I go back to work in a few weeks until the end of this school year. what a blessing! and I couldn’t think of anyone who could care for her better than her mimi.  


^that is what I wrote this morning. then, I got too choked up to finish. :)

I ended up going to a small local consignment sale for one thing I’ve been hunting for chloe and a consignment store for a couple of clothes for me. it was nice. breathing room. but I missed my little girl like terrible. I only called twice.

jacob got home early and we decided to have a day date. it was unexpected and very nice. we held hands. and pop-kissed in public.

gag if you want.

it was a good day. and now we are settling back into our regular routine.



  1. great picture of the two of them! really enjoy reading your blog!

  2. Awww, day dates are the BEST and it sounds to me like your little sweetie is going to be in wonderful hands and showered with love! Good luck with the transition!

  3. enjoy your time!
    she will be back soon!

  4. I know how you feel...the missing is there even if you know you'll see them soon. It must be a mama thing.