February 17, 2011

sweet kisses

today. last night. and the beginning of this week.
they just haven’t been great. rough for us.

chloe hasn’t been napping ~ maybe thirty minutes at a time ~ maybe.
and her awake time has generally been a fussy time.

but i need to focus on happier things. like the way she is when she is on her changing table. she could lay there all day and play. we kiss and sing and just have sweet little conversations there.

i snapped this the other day when we were playing.

i’ll be glad to have this some day when i am chasing her down to give her kisses.
or just to look at on these rough days.

there is something to intentionally capturing the little moments in life. definitely.

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  1. Just remember it won't be like this for long. They grow up so fast, trust me. Here's to hoping you get some sleep soon.

  2. this is a super sweet post!
    and I LOVE this intimate moment!
    hope you get some rest. maybe nap with her.
    I had fussy babies and they never slept unless they were next to me!

  3. I feel your pain, my daughter only naps for 30 mins, I call them power naps! Way to embrace the changing table and sweet little kisses!

  4. Hoping you (and she) can rest soon! Sweet picture!

  5. You know that book by Robert Munsch..."Love You Forever"...i SOOO identify with that book now. Especially the page where it talks about the two year old making a mess and throwing the watch down the toilet and driving you crazy. Yeah, I'm the mom on that page. I'm also the mom that sneaks in his room at night and if he's "really asleep" I cuddle him and whisper to him how much I love him. it's those times (when he's sleeping and looking all innocent) that i forget about all the trouble he gave me that day and i only think of the hugs and kisses and "i love you, mommy"'s that he said that day!

  6. Oh I know, I know! 20 minute naps have been my little guy's standard for a whole lot of his life. Right now he is in a phase of taking hour naps give or take a bit. I am reminded with so many things right now that everything changes with babies and generally it changes pretty quickly so enjoy the good of right now and hang in there on the tough and do the same in the next phase! I will say a prayer for you guys. I definitely identify. Kelly