November 22, 2010

don’t judge a cook….

today was our teacher’s thanksgiving celebration. we feasted potluck style. there was A LOT of good food. my contributions included squash casserole and a red velvet cake with peppermint cream cheese icing.

i was happy to see dressing prepared like my mom’s. it was delicious. i even had to correct one teacher who said, “oh, there’s stuffing.” we don’t eat stuffing here in the south, we eat dressing. there is a difference.

after that, one of the teacher’s assistants made the remark that i “don’t look like the type that can cook.” what is THAT supposed to mean? i don’t look like i can cook? i found her comment highly amusing and so asked her to explain. apparently, to her, i look like a prissy princess that has no skills in the kitchen. (my words, not hers) really? that’s even funnier.

i told her you can’t judge a cook by it’s cover.


and just to prove my point….here’s a picture jacob snapped yesterday when i was making the icing – big belly, double chin, cute apron and all. 

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  1. you're cute! People (especially in schools it seems) are so funny. And somehow when you're pregnant everyone feels even more free to say whatever to you. That cake sounds amazing! Kelly