November 15, 2010


that pretty much sums up life as of lately. it’s been all good but busy! too busy to post about anyway or maybe i am just so braindead at the end of the busy day that i cannot muster the energy required to complete a thought.

yep, that sounds more like it.

maybe someday i will post on worthwhile, thought-provoking, or even slightly entertaining topics. here are a few that have been rolling around in my head….just cannot make a complete thought to get them out of that knot on my shoulders correctly.

- evangelism and service, not confusing one for the other and not neglecting either
- throwing together a nursery on a budget and craft tutorials
- curry pumpkin soup
- how i have been up to my eyeballs in pumpkins at school
- how blessed we are by our family and church family
- nesting could quite possibly be the best thing ever
- free/low cost classroom Christmas presents

just to name a few. maybe i will actually post about one of those soon. ha!

but in the mean time i will just leave you with this picture because i don’t like not having a picture.

more about me and baby. sorry.


  1. Good luck with everything! Getting ready for a baby while running a classroom sure is challenging- especially maternity leave plans.

    Cheap gifts- I buy the large plastic bulbs at Walmart and do their handprints on them. Then I'll turn it into Santa or a reindeer. $5 for 4, or half price if I buy them after Christmas and save them for the next year.

    Good luck!

  2. *wonderful* photo! you look so good! You don't have to apologize for the blog being about you and baby. :) Kelly