December 1, 2010

the room is finished

finally! remember WAY back when i said we were ahead of schedule on the baby’s room? and that i wanted to be finished by halloween?

yeah right!

well, the room was mostly finished before halloween. i’ve been taking it slowly and doing bits here and there. today was the day.

here is chloe’s happy room….

the beloved ikea fabler canopy – my inspiration
as you walk in the room
another piece of inspiration – a great estate sale find
this picture if full of DIY projects – the bunting, the lampshade, the pillow, the ottoman
a close-up of the button lampshade – happy

we set our budget of $200 very early on. i need to gather all of the receipts and find out exactly what i spent.

of course, all of the furniture was free. the crib and rocker came from my sister. the dresser has been mine since i was about 14. i simply changed out the knobs when i spotted them on sale at Hobby Lobby - $15 total. that budget also didn’t include bedding set– that was a gift from chloe’s fairy grandmother.

so, basically i had a budget for crafting and projects. ha! most of that money was spent on fabric and supplies for those DIY projects. we pulled things from around the house and repurposed other stuff. it was great fun to piece together and see it all fall into place.

i cannot wait to get this little girl home to dream in such a bright and happy place.  


  1. i love it! You did such a wonderful job. I can't wait to see it in person!

  2. The room is AMAZING! You are AMAZING! I cannot wait until I hold sit in there holding sweet Chloe! Love you 3!

  3. this is a GREAT, GREAT room! I love it!!! Kelly