October 31, 2010


i’m a bit behind on blogging actual life events. a few weeks ago, we went camping with jacob’s family and several people from their church. jacob and i slept in a tent right next to the river. the first night was freezing. we woke up saturday morning to a thickly frosted windshield. we had an air mattress – which we replaced the second night with the mattress from the sleeper sofa in jacob’s parents cabin. much better for a 8 months preggers back!

we were so close to the river you could hear the ripples and flow of the soothing water all night long. and in the morning, the fog dancing on the river was a beautiful reminder of God’s creation. it is always refreshing to be so surrounded by nature.  

in the day, the boys spent most of their time fishing. jacob, of all people, had the most luck. his first catch got away when he was trying to get back to shore with it.


we girls hung out with the kiddos while they played in the river, threw big rocks and other kid type things. we went on a little walking trail along the river to get to this sweet spot. this little guy was a great leader and guide. the rest of them went on a raft down the river while i took a nap and chickened out for the sake of my baby girl.


our nights were filled with fires and the usual fire-related events. dinner consisted of amazing “baked” potatoes, roasted corn and steaks. yum! later, dessert was smores with a few lessons on roasting marshmallows.
one of the other families hosted a pumpkin carving before the big potluck. yes, we had a potluck at a campground. we southern Christians love our food and fellowship. it was wonderful!


what a fun weekend. it only took me a few days to recuperate and we added a another thing to the list of what Chloe has done in utero. and speaking of Chloe, here is the obligatory belly shot from 32 weeks and camping.



  1. You are AMAZING for going camping while pregnant. I claimed an exemption. Wow! I'm impressed. And I LOVE potlucks!! Did y'all sing too? Oh I love singing! Kelly

  2. Ok.. so I love love love the fog on the water picture... and of course the belly pic. so cute! :)