July 25, 2010

road trip side effects and more pics

so, i mentioned in my last post (forever ago) that jacob and i played a little license plate game while on the road for 17 hours. it was fun. maybe a little weird how fun it was.  

we got all but three – Rhode island, Delaware, and Connecticut. we have both been plagued with a thrill of the hunt and cannot stop looking at license plates even now that we are back in town. crazy! take today for instance, my 2nd Alaska for the week, California, South Carolina, North Carolina, but, alas, those three New England states evade us. boo!

okay, now for some more pictures of our trip to my sister’s house.

star wars trivial pursuit - blurry

pikes peak in the background
cassie’s shot – i love it
068 088
boys and all grown-up
tough choices
purple mountain’s majesty
097 280
two of nature’s beauties – one a little more sunshiny than the other
downtown denver
garden of the gods – colorado springs
391 132
dinner made by the girls and “whoa this is dangerous”
dinner of buffalo, elk, ostrich, and rattlesnake
they get their blue eyes from their mama
393  407
aspiring baker and wii dance
baby bed, nursery rocker, yard sale finds, and our basic luggage – packed.

a good trip. a very good trip.


  1. Awesome! What great memories in a beautiful place!

  2. So cute that you're still enjoying the license plate game! And two Alaskas in one week! Wow! I always get a thrill when I see an Alaska or Hawaii license plate.

    You look soo cute! It makes me so excited for you that you have a baby bed, nursery rocker (looks like a GREAT one) and looks like some really neat yard sale finds in your car! Such fun times.

    Don't know how tall you are or how well your feet touch the floor in your rocker but from my experience I would suggest a nursing stool. I have really enjoyed mine as it makes it much easier to rock in a big, deep chair.

    Can't wait to see your nursery and what you do with your yard sale finds. Kelly