July 8, 2010

a family story

A little history on this bit…..I wrote this back in 2006 after finding out my sister was having another baby. 

“So, my sister is having a baby - yes, this is number three.  Funny thing is I was the first to find out; well, not that that is funny in and of itself. 

However, she told me and then made me wait for over a week before she would tell anyone else in our family.  If you know me, you know how difficult this was!  Then, she told my little (yeah 6'5" 230 lbs, little) brother - but she made him think that he was the only one to know!  Then, she thought this was pretty funny, so then she told my dad and stepmom and made them think they were the only ones to know also.  Now, I am the only one that knows that everyone else knows she is pregnant and that everyone else thinks they are the only ones that know. 

Or at least I think I am the only one that knows that!  Ha!”

We are going to see the little guy that stirred up this whole family situation. He’s almost four now and hilarious!
PLUS, he is being gracious enough to let our baby have all of his old nursery furniture that has been stored in the attic for a while.

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  1. yea for hand-me-downs! They're the best! Kelly