July 6, 2010

patriotic pancakes and big butts

these have been a semi-tradition around here since we have married.
red, white, and blue pancakes to celebrate our country. yummy!

we may have started another tradition this year too. it involves big butts – butts that are meaty, juicy, and smokin’. no, i am not talking about sir mixalot here! (i couldn’t resist)

step one: rub your butts with dry rub, preferably Rendezvous seasoning (bought at Sam’s)
 042 040
step two: fire up the smoker box on the grill

step three: wait

step four: wait

step five: wait some more

step six: find a luscious piece of meat charred in your backyard.


barbeque is a way of life here in the south, especially for summer holidays. and you HAVE to eat slaw on your sandwich….have to.  

i like big butts…………….and i cannot lie. they are yummy!

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