June 15, 2010

we’ve been in Belize

the last week, we have spent our time in another country helping to heal people both physically and spiritually. we made it safely back home today after a week of nearly 50 surgeries, nightly VBS sessions, and hours of riding from village to village (some in the rain forest) visiting patients. how wonderful is God’s love!

we are truly blessed to have had this opportunity. more details to come. just pictures for now though.   


029 030
104 098

112 142
144 127

 226 230

Just FYI – that picture with the little boy asleep in Gordon’s arms is my FAVORITE!!!! His name was Raynel and he had an abundance of health issues. Gordon is one of the CRNA’s (nurse anesthetist) and Raynel had just come out of surgery and was not yet awake. Isn’t it sweet?

And the bread you see there, oh the bread, was made for use by one of the cleaning ladies, Lucy. She baked it over an open fire. Best bread ever!

More later.

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