June 21, 2010

wedding weekend

This past weekend was spent in celebration of one of my favorite people and the love of her life. My best friend, Lindley, was married Saturday in a beautiful ceremony. She was gorgeous and just to show you a glimpse of how amazing she looked, here are her bridals portraits I took a couple of months ago. (Sorry, these will have to do because I have nearly no pictures of her from the wedding – it’s hard to be the matron of honor and be preggers and tote that camera around!)

She was even more beautiful at the wedding, if you can believe it. I’m sure you can since you probably know that look every bride and groom get – that “can’t stop smiling and glowing” look.


lc_southern_boost lc_reddoor2_curves 
lc_umbrellasassy_curves lc_firehouse1 
lc_poppins_curves lc_trackscloseup_lomoish

Lovely. Absolutely lovely.


And about the only decent picture I have from the weekend. Me and the bestest at rehearsal dinner. (please excuse the rounding out and fattening of the preggo-face, i’ve only gained 6 lbs in 14.5 weeks, all in my face and neck)

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  1. absolutely beautiful photos. I love the umbrella throwing one so much! kelly