April 21, 2010


what do you think about the new blog layout?

bigger pictures. that’s why i changed it. i like having big pictures.

what do you think? too big? too spread out?
or could you really care less?

please leave a comment telling me your opinion.


  1. I like the bigger pictures but the layout is a little too spread out for me!

  2. just now looking at it from a legit computer. I agree with morgan... it seems too spaced out. could just be the widescreen monitor.. dunno

  3. Oooh - I spy the "stretch" layout! I considered making the switch, too. I liked the bigger photos, but the rest of it bugged me. I didn't like how the text veered so far away from the photo. Then again - what do I know about anything technical? The answer is - very little. :)

  4. I like your layout and I love the polka dot banner! One question...how do you get your title and date to be bigger? My title is always teeny!