April 8, 2010

a girl with plaster wall’s best friend

with our house being built in 1950, there are certain things that add charm and other things that…well, just down right make you want to cuss sometimes.

one of those things that sometimes pushes me to the brink of saying wordy-dirds in my head is the plaster walls. we are not in a position to replace the plaster walls with drywall to make it more efficient, so we just make do in other ways. eh, that is not the biggest of my concerns. 
010what really chaps my hide, though, is how difficult it is to simply tack a little nail in the wall to hang a picture. OR the gaping hole that is left crumbling and crater-like if you happen to want to move the picture. heaven forbid!

so, i knew that a gallery wall was probably out of the question since I would probably make a mistake somewhere along the line and leave pock-marks all over the wall.

then, what to my dazed, tired, and overly creative eyes should appear?
012this magical little strip of part-velcro, part-stickiness, and part-“i have no clue what” that caught my attention on a coupon website. (yeah, i coupon when i’m not pock-marking my walls with another decorating idea.)  strange as that may seem, but i thought i would give her a go.

with my gallery wall planned, i headed to the store with two printed coupons in hand.

voila, a gallery wall for a gal with plaster walls. and cuss free I might add!
008even if you don’t have plaster walls go here and get your very own coupon. great for renters and lazy people who do not like to putty and paint. or for homeowners with plaster walls who would rather not cuss.

you can thank me later! 


  1. woohoo! It looks great! Kelly

  2. I love your gallery wall. :) You make me smile.