April 9, 2010

in which i talk about barbies

well, that’s what my nieces once called my boobies – barbies. the same day they said that one of them asked me if “they are like carrying around buckets of rocks”! ha – at that time i was a bit larger and my cup size matched my face size. double delight :) so, yes, they were like carrying around buckets of rocks.
when i was 20, i found a lump and had shooting pains. luckily, it was just a fybroid cyst.  unfortunately, the first time i was ever oogled and fondled by a man was by the doctor I had had my entire life.

in college, we were easily humored by boobs. in a really naive, innocent Christian college girls dorm, crazy-dorky, fun-loving girls kinds of way. like, would laugh until we cried about the extra appendages or lack thereof.  (amber, i didn’t say t-i-t-t-y just for you)

i’m noting these funny boob stories because all the booby stories in my life aren’t so good. if you know me, then you know my mother passed away from breast cancer when she was only 42.
Candace as a Little Kid

that used to seem somewhat old to me. not anymore.

(woh. woh. woh. debby-downer moment, sorry)

so, in the spirit of being my goofball self, here’s where i’ll get funny again.


yeppers. apparently, if your mother lost her battle with breast cancer, you are to begin getting yearly mammograms 10 years before the age she was when she was diagnosed.

(can you sense my funny tone in this flat screen, cold machine?)

i’m cool with it. glad, actually. early detection is good. just know, the jokes will ensue. i just can’t help it.
moral of the story: get your boobies squished! especially if you are my sister! (hint, hint) and joke about it.


  1. Oh Candace this was a sweet post. I am sorry you lost your mother so young...I just turned 3-7 last weekend (gulp)...and this has certainly hit home. I will definitely take your advice to heart.
    You look pretty in the pretty picture frame!

  2. Candace you are hilarious! I wish I had gotten to know you better while we were at Freed. This post reminds me of the "sunroom incident" during finals week my last semester there. Highlight of my college career. lol.

    Thanks for inspiring us to get our "barbies" checked. :)

  3. You don't know me...but so it goes in blog land! I first found your blog during the Nester's Christmas link party and thought your design style was so adorable, so now I check in on you now and then. ANYWAY, I had to comment here...I lost my mom to breast cancer when I was 6 (she was 36). It's quite a road to travel, isn't it? I have done the early mammo thing forever too and have a couple of scares. I turned 32 this year - the same age my mom was at diagnosis. I've never had to trust Jesus with something so much. I imagine you know the feeling. Just wanted to put my support out there.

  4. I was going to tell you that we met a lady at a restaurant in Nasvhille a few weeks ago and she is opening some kind of clinic that runs some kind of special test...maybe thermal imaging...that can detect breast cancer SUPER early...so early that you can use natural methods of treatment.

  5. just now reading this and loving it! THanks for not saying the word :) I love you Candace and your strength! You will never know the inspiration you continue to be for me! LOVE YOU!